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Everything we cherish about life, whether it be the rich soil needed for us to grow vegetables and crops, the trees and plants that give us our oxygen, the clean water we all as human beings depend on to keep the blood flowing in our bodies–all of this will greatly be affected without our immediate intervention to slow or stopclimate change. For this art piece, I wanted to use as many materials as possible found innature, such as dirt, tree bark, and stones, to show that no matter how small or insignificant something may seem to you, everything in life serves a purpose.

Our planet is changing rapidly every day we choose to not act. We’re taking our present for granted while not being cautious of a potentially grim future. There may come a time where we can no longer provide for ourselves–or more importantly, our families. Many already experience the pain of hunger with no ability to remedy it. Our clean air is now polluted; the water is now tainted with toxins. Mother Nature has no energy to defend herself. Our precious atmosphere  eventually falls and unleashes those ultraviolet sun rays we were once protected from. The feeling of rainfall touching your body becomes a distant memory. A raging wildfire begins to devastate everything in its path, and all that will remain will be ashes.


Minneapolis, MN

Visual Artist, African-American, Uncle

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EYEWITNESS was published by Climate Generation a nonprofit based in Minnesota empowering individuals and their communities to engage in solutions to climate change.

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