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“I used to think that if the leaders of this world truly understood the science of climate change, they would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I was wrong. Science alone cannot sway hearts and minds. Effective action on human-caused climate change requires more than scientific facts. We are moved to act by stories and poetry. By art and music. By personal experience of a rapidly changing climate. You will find all of these things in Eyewitness. Listen to these voices. Listen to their concerns and hopes. You will be inspired to tell your own climate story.”

Dr. Ben Santer, climate scientist

“What an incredible book. It is powerful to hear from people of all ages and races across Minnesota whose lives have been affected by climate change. Their storytelling, poetry and art moved me to tears, and I believe can motivate others in a way data points may not.”

Kate Nordstrum, arts leader, producer, and executive (The Great Northern, Liquid Music)


Tatanka Ohitika | Nicole Rom | Will Steger | Soni Shah | Kathleen Bacigalupi | Logan Reider | David Coggins | Kristin Maija Peterson | Danny Friedman | Kat Nottingham | Brian Smoliak | Kait Macheledt | DansAlux | Kristen Iverson Poppleton | Erika Gilsdorf | Charles K. Dayton | Marie Osuna | Janet Malotky | James Matthew Pipkin | Julie Arnold | Rosella Joyce | Lee Frelich | Kyle Bernier | Mike Furtman | Mark W. Seeley | Javier Elias Carrasco Miock | Michael Chaney | Yordanose Solomone | Rita Moe | Mike Menzel | Taji Joseph | Izzy Laderman | Aaron “Lazerbeak” Mader | Dave Durenberger | Marco A. Hernandez | James P. Lenfestey | Ben Weaver | Katy Backes Kozhimannil | Jasmine Dawn Holt | Munira Berhe | Akira Yano | Liz Lat | David Joel Riviera | Dani Pieratos | Ricardo Levins Morales | MaryBeth Hoover Garrigan | Jeremy Messersmith | Aajay Harris | David A. Foster  | Robyne Robinson | Kao Kalia Yang | Lisa Troutman | Arlene Birt | Jay T. McCleary | Zaria Elisha Romero | Chris Heeter


The Eyewitness Reader’s Guide helps navigate stories and spark conversations about climate change and its personal influence on communities. With this guide, educators, policymakers, book club keepers, parents, students, activists, and other community members can actively engage audiences with the help of a clear structure and process to start asking questions.


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EYEWITNESS was published by Climate Generation a nonprofit based in Minnesota empowering individuals and their communities to engage in solutions to climate change.

Develop your own climate story and submit to the online collection.

Got questions? Email info@climategen.org.