Everything we cherish about life, whether it be the rich soil needed for us to grow vegetables and crops, the trees and plants that give us our oxygen, the clean water we all as … Read more

superior sunrise


The Great Lakes contain 21% of the world’s fresh water. Climate change is already impacting our lakes in many ways: increasing temperatures, increasing levels of  bacteria, and increasing presence of invasive species. “Superior Sunrise” … Read more

stop global warming


The sun, the wind and the people: it takes all kind of power to make things move. Created for the Climate Crisis Coalition of the Twin Cities. (2006) RICARDO LEVINS MORALES, Age 63 Minneapolis, … Read more

clearer waters


Minnesota truly is the land of 10,000 lakes, and I am currently on an expedition to explore as many as I can. Water is life. My connection to our natural world has fueled my … Read more

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