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Your story is important —most politicians underestimate their constituents’ support for climate change action – and your voice can help them understand why the majority of Minnesotans want more government leadership to address the climate crisis.   

Join in with other Minnesota  voices across the state sharing why action and leadership on equitable climate solutions is necessary. We’re hand-delivering copies of the EYEWITNESS book, alongside your letters, to every legislator in 2021.

Submit your testimony letter now through our easy fill-in-the-blank template!

Or create your own letter, poem, or piece of art. Haven’t reached out to your elected officials before? We know it can be nerve-wracking, but we’re with you. You are the expert in your own climate change experience, and your voice can make an impact alongside the collective of Minnesotans just like you, calling for change. 

Invite your friends, families, and neighbors into action with you to share how climate change is impacting your community and how you want to shape your future. 

Looking for more ways to take action? Sign on to our petition: climate justice is racial justice.  

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Climate justice is racial justice. A better world is possible — for all of us, and our reality is demanding it now.  During each workshop, a range of musicians, artists, and storytellers shared their voices, uplifting climate stories and experiences that influence our social and political reality.

The Critical Intersection of Racial Injustice and Climate Change 
With special guests Ben Passer, Maria Isa, and Ricardo Levins Morales

Dismantling the Old: Shifting the Narrative
with special guests Erin Sharkey, Strong Buffalo, and Ben Weaver

Rebuilding the New: A Better World is Possible
with special guests Taji Joseph, Eric Holthaus, and Robert Blake

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EYEWITNESS was published by Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy a nonprofit based in Minnesota empowering individuals and their communities to engage in solutions to climate change.

Develop your own climate story and submit to the online collection.

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